Autism Awareness


Accept difference, not indifference.

Promote inclusion, not exclusion.

A word from Tony Bailey

Having researched more about people with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) & Asperger’s, and having worked for many years with people with varying disabilities, I set about trying to help in a more specific way as I believed that Martial Arts provides a way of not only inclusion by welcoming them into a friendly environment, but more specifically helping through:

  • The natural repetitive practice of Martial Arts
  • Flexible approach of Martial Arts tuition to vary the speed and content of the way in which information is delivered to the individual
  • The provision of a physical exercise with a quantifiable improvement reward structure, through the tag and belt grade system for goal setting / achieving.
  • The need for simple and realistic self defence training due to the unfortunate bullying that many autists suffer both within and without the school environment from other ‘neuro-typical’ children and even sometimes teaching staff themselves who totally miss-read the behavioural differences of someone on the autistic spectrum. 
  • Meditative practice coupled with discussion of self defence and self control.
  • To use the medium and mass appeal of Martial Arts to spread correct information to more people about Autism and Asperger’s and help to dispel the myths. as well as promote inclusion not just for them but for people with disabilities of different types as I believe everyone should be given the chance to be included,

I have worked with people with physical disabilities and those on the spectrum, for quite a few years and can quite honestly say that has enabled me to meet some of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met. Looking deeper into it, I found there were some fantastic people behind the campaign Fighting for Autism who were already raising awareness in Australia. This has gained such popularity that in a short time, it has now become a worldwide campaign, backed by Coaches and Fighters alike from amateur to full-on UFC professionals. 

I was honoured to be given Coach Ambassador status and the Club Affiliate status in the Fighting for Autism campaign and I have worked closely with the Adaptive Martial Arts UK & Ireland group who cater for Martial Artists with a wide variety of disabilities and the very important training of fully able bodied Instructors to promote better understanding and inclusion throughout the industry. I am fortunate enough to be amoungst some very worthy and amazing individuals, all with the same goals.



Fighting for Autism                    Adaptive Martial Arts                   National Autistic Society

Please check out the pages for more information or find them on Facebook and don’t hesitate to contact us if you or your child wishes to take part in training. If you’re not sure, we will arrange a meeting to discuss needs and expectations and work 1-2-1 with autists or people with disabilities to start with, whilst maintaining a medium to long term goal of full inclusion into a mixed class. If you are not local to us, no problem. Please still get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with an approved instructor / club nearer your area.


April 2016 Grade Results


WELL DONE to all those mentioned below, who recently gained promotions in their Ju Jitsu gradings. Brown Belt and higher grading date will be issued shortly and meditation tests will also be done within the next 4 weeks for all Junior students, so keep up the practice.


3rd Mon – Luca & Oscar

Yellow Belt – Aston, Alfie, Olivia.

Blue Belt – Sofia, Roman, Aaliyah

Blue Belt 2 – Leonie.



9th Kyu – Salvatore de Francisci

3rd Kyu – John Brazier


End of Year Promotions


The last few weeks, I have been assessing everyone at the club. The Seniors had their Combat Ju Jitsu Grades last week, and today was the final details I needed to see from the Juniors in the Ju Jitsu syllabus and I’m pleased to announce the following grade promotions:-


Luca – 1st Mon

Oscar – 2nd Mon

Alfie – Red Belt

Olivia – Red Belt

Leia – Yellow Belt

Tommy – Yellow Belt

Roman – Green Belt

Sofia – Green Belt 2

Aaliyah – Green Belt 2

Leonie – Blue Belt

Tia – Blue Belt

Sean – Brown Belt 2

Miya – Brown Belt 2

Samantha – Shodan Black Belt 1st Dan

Georgina – Shodan Black Belt 1st Dan







Grade results

This weekend, almost as if to underline the importance of understanding and applying In & Yo, Yin & Yang, the Juniors undertook Mokuso tests and worked through the criteria for Nunchaku knowledge with the following results:-

Meditation Level 5




Meditation Level 8










Nunchaku Red Sash












The tests for Meditation are worked on a sliding scale, teaching them to sit still and learn discipline, focus on the breath and mindfulness from 30 seconds at level 1, right up 10 minutes at level 10.

Level 1-4 = 1 minute.  Level 5 = 2mins.  Level 6 = 3mins.  Level 7 = 4mins.  Level 8 = 5mins.  Level 9 = 6mins.  Level 10 = 10mins.



We’ll catch up with those that were away soon. Now let’s concentrate on getting everything ready for your Ju Jitsu Tag / Belt Grading in 4 weeks time.


Club Halloween Party 2015

halloween pic

All students – Juniors and Seniors, are invited to attend the Basingstoke Ju Jitsu Club Hallowe’en Party on Friday 30th October at Baileys Gym Basingstoke 7.30pm – 9pm.

Come suitably attired for a training session with a difference. Be you Vampire, Werewolf, Mummy, Witch, Zombie …. whatever your guise, come along for some fun training and games at our Hallowe’en themed night.

There were some great costumes and make up last year, so look forward to seeing you there….

Seminar for Jack Bristow

Jack Bristow

This Multi Martial Art Seminar will be held at Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy, Basingstoke, with the intention to offer support to the Warrior known as Jack Bristow, who most of you will have heard of is currently being treated for Cancer. Please see the Support for Jack Bristow page on Facebook for more details and join if you have not already done so. We will share knowledge between Martial Artists in the same vein as the Warriors Assemble event that took place in Coventry to support Anthony Pillage who is currently waging his own battle and like Jack, is a true Warrior. The help offered already to support Jack in this event has been so overwhelming, that I’ve had to extend the event into a 2 day event to cope with the demand.Day 1 – Saturday 25th April is from 11am – 4.30pm and whilst it can be open to adults, is actually centered on children’s Martial Arts.Day 2 – Sunday 26th April is from 11am – 5pm and is the main adult seminar, so due to content and space, no junior places.

We have some top level Instructors teaching on this event, including:-

Renshi Anthony Pillage (Coventry) – Pressure Point magician and fellow Cancer Warrior.

Soke Brian Dossett (Surrey) – Head of Spirit Combat Aikijujitsu & Martial Arts All Styles.

Senseis Len Dunce & Paul Hamilton (Basingstoke) – Summit Judo Club.

Rocci Williams (Basingstoke) – MMA / Cage Fighter & Head Coach of Shoot Box Juniors.

Bryan Andrews (Basingstoke) – 5th Dan Karate Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy.

Peter Holmes (Peterborough) – Pressure Point Expert, Police & Military Tactics Advisor.

Lucci Del-Gaudio (Nottingham) – Street Ju Jitsu / Combat Ju Jitsu.
Anthony Masters (Southend-on-Sea) – Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Ju Jutsu.
Mick Tully (Coventry) – Complete Self Protection
Clare Brown (Basingstoke) – Team GB Judo Squad.
Tony Bailey (Basingstoke) – Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu.
Roberto Meneguetti Almeida (Brazil) – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Ron Peploe (Basingstoke) – WAKO European Kickboxing Champion 2014
Lindsey Andrews (Basingstoke) 2 x World Karate Champion 2013 & 2014

You can see from this line up, we are already talking about a serious amount of talent here. This is an event not to be missed. Come and learn from these people who are the best of the best and support Jack, his family and a great cause all at the same time.

To be clear, the Instructors and venue are giving their time and services FREE of charge so we can use the funds to support the Piam Brown Children’s ward and Jacks family. Seminar fees are set at a VERY reasonable £25 for the Junior day and £35 for the Senior day. All attendees receive a special edition Instructors Profile booklet with info on each Instructor to mark the occasion. We hope that Jack can come along and be present through the event as there are a lot of people who want to meet him.

Please invite others and let them know about the event.

We can take cash donations only on the day, so if using a card, please ensure you pay beforehand via the charity’s giving page:-

If you pay online through the giving page, it goes directly to the charity without charges.
Please add ‘Basingstoke Seminar’ to the online donation message with your name so we know you have paid for your place and we can see how much has been raised.

Open Lecture on Jack the Ripper Case

 Saturday 14th March 2015


10.30am Basingstoke Masonic Centre, Victoria Street. Basingstoke.

For those that have an interest in investigative journalism, crime and other historic cases, instead of watching it on the T.V. come and hear first hand all about one of the most gruesome and baffling Police cases in history; Jack the Ripper.

This talk is by a personal friend of mine who is a former forensics expert for Scotland Yard. Learn about the background to what happened, when, who was implicated, the evidence at the time and the most up to date evidence, including the most recent discoveries backed up by 21st Century DNA testing. Will the identity of Jack the Ripper now be solved once and for all? Come along and find out.

There is no entrance fee for this talk. The lecturer is going without payment and not even asking for his travel expenses, he only asks that everyone makes some donation on the day to be collected and given to The Teenage Cancer Trust Charity.

Let me know asap if you want a place as I have to know numbers of people attending. We have 8 from the club who have already put their names down, but please remember, this is open to all, even your friends outside of the club. Due to the nature of the subject though, it is not suitable for children. Let us know at the club or email if you’re interested and I’ll make sure you have full details.

Warriors Assemble Charity Seminar


warriors assemble

28th Feb – 1st March @ The Way of The Spiritual Warrior, Coventry.

Charity Multi Art Seminar with more of the UK’s Best Instructors than SENI in support of Way of The Spiritual Warrior, the great Man himself, Mr Anthony Pillage and the fabulous Macmillan Cancer Support Nurses. BOOK NOW! Just look at the list of Instructors –

Kwoklyn Big-Wan
Lucci Del-Gaudio
Eddie Quinn
Scott ‘Millzy’ Mills
Tong Liu
Dave Gentry
Alex Reid
Tony Bailey
Mo Teague
Trevor Robertson
Peter Holmes
Bob Sykes
Sifu Peter Wing Chung
Carl cooper
Andrew Banks
Kevin Mills
Mikey Wright
Phil Norman
Rich Green
John Burke
Gavin Mulholland
Bob Breen
Dave Giddings
…… + More, including smaller, 4 person Private seminars with these stars of UK Martial Arts.

There will also be auctions of memorabilia, DVD’s training gear etc and many photo opportunities throughout the weekend.

As an added bonus, Sensei Gavin Mulholland’s band ‘The Watchsnatchers’ will be playing there Saturday evening as well.

This has fast become THE Martial Arts Event of the year and it’s not even happened yet.

Our very own Sensei Tony will be teaching on Saturday 28th and staying over to enjoy the band and the rest of the seminar.

Phone the office to book a place now as they are seriously limited.

Tel:- 02476 331239



Insurance renewals

licence book

A quick reminder for existing members that, as I’m sure you all remember, 1st January is when our insurance renews. With no change in the fee for our insurance policy again, please bring the fees to the club and make sure your name is on the form for those who have not yet done so.

If you would like to pay online, you can do that here, but please ensure the transaction is completed in the next couple of weeks so there are no delays in processing before the end of the year.

Thank you.

Chinese New Year


Those of you that have been part of the club for a while will know that we often have a club outing to London to see the celebrations for Chinese New Year.

This coming year is the Year of the Ram (or Goat depending on your translation) and the public celebration will be on Sunday 22nd February.

We will be travelling by train to London in the morning, spending time in Chinatown and Trafalgar Square with the festivities, demos and street food stalls and will have time to have lunch either as a group or go and do your own thing after, just let me know what you would prefer to do. My lot want to visit a Museum after so we might do that if anyone wants to tag along, I’ll lead an expedition across London to the British Museum for the afternoon.

Ask for more details and discuss together at the club……..