Pressure Points



Much has been talked about over the years, about the use of Pressure Points in Martial Arts.

Pressure Points are weak areas of the body which when put under pressure; struck, rubbed, pressed etc, produce either great pain, physical weakness in, or an electrical shut down of, the body. Different points have different reactions, ranging from low levels of pain to severe pain, unconsciousness or even death. They are also used to heal and are commonly used by a doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in both acupressure and acupuncture.

Many people who debate the effectiveness of Pressure Points, actually have the wrong understanding of them. Pressure Points should not be used as a single entity, solely relied upon to floor the attacker (although some do just that), rather they are a technique enhancer, added on top of the core technique you are already using. As such, Pressure Points are but 1 of around 200 technique enhancers, described as ‘Players’ by the Dragon Society International, who’s 10th Dan Founders have been studying and teaching Pressure Points and other ‘Players’ of Martial Science for almost 3 decades.

There are 12 main meridian lines which these points are found on, although there are also another 8 extraordinary meridians and over 1,000 points, each with their own specific angle and direction of activation. Angles are important. The meridian and Pressure point systems are used by an acupuncture doctor to promote healing and well being in an ill patient, the same points, used in a different angle in Martial Arts, produce pain, paralysis, unconsciousness or even death. As such, learning them is done under strict control, but they are hidden within the very techniques you practice within all true Martial Arts. The detail of the specifics of how to utilise them correctly is not given to start with as trust has to be earned, but if you have an interest in learning them within the Martial Arts, then please let us know at the cub. Our Chief Instructor at the Basingstoke club was instrumental in co-writing and teaching the Pressure Point Instructors Course for the Coventry based club The Way of the Spiritual Warrior, is a recognised 5th Dan within the Pressure Point subjects and is therefore considered someone of authority within this aspect of Martial Arts.