Koryu Kenkyukai


Some of our invited members also train within Kenkyūkai – Private study groups for traditional Kōryū – Old School Samurai era arts. A study group is a separate entity and whilst it may have many of our own members in the group, all are students in equal capacity to train and learn together. In a similar situation to the roles of Senpai and Kōhai, the senior student (a pre-existing and qualified teacher) receives direct, regular tuition under the highest authority in the art and disseminates that information to the rest of the group. Kenkyūkai are linked to a main dōjō who can trace their lineage back to the founder of each respective art.

Tenjin Shin’yō-ryū Jū Jutsu


Founded by Iso Mataemon Ryūkansai Minamoto no Masatari in the 19th Century. The origin of the school’s teaching came from two older styles of Jū-Jutsu. The first was Yōshin Ryū, founded in the late Tokugawa period (c.1660) by Akiyama Shirobei Yoshitoki. The second was Shin No Shintō Ryū, which was created by Yamamoto Tamizaemon Higehaya (c.1780). Both of these schools’ teachings have been preserved and perpetuated within Tenjin Shin’yō-ryū which itself, became one of the founding arts of Jūdo, Aikido and Wado Ryū Karate.


Sensei Tony (3rd in from the right) is graded Shōden and a direct student of Paul Masters, Shike, (centre) who is the only non-Japanese Menkyō Kaiden of this art in the World and in fact, in the entire style’s history.  Many Martial Art experts say that Tenjin Shin’yō-ryū is known for its Atemi – Striking techniques as well as one of the few which teaches the correct application of Ki in the physical techniques. There is also much to learn from the Kūden – oral tradition which form a basis for morality and philosophical training. For more details, check out the website of http://www.tenyokai.com, the organisation officially tasked with promoting true Tenjin throughout the rest of the world.

Kōryū – old school Japanese Martial Arts of the Samurai era. They are very important parts of the history of Japanese Martial Arts and also of the country itself and are steeped in the kind of traditional discipline that the Samurai became renowned for over the centuries.

Kenkyūkai as a closed study group, are not open, public self defence classes, but rather groups wishing to dedicate time to serious study in the Samurai arts. They do not offer belt gradings, being Kōryū, there are no ‘belts’ to speak of anyway, but these groups exist to ensure the arts stay alive and to help improve the techniques and knowledge of these arts amongst both established and novice Martial Artists. This is enhanced by and with express permission, of regular tuition under the most senior practitioners available in the World. If you wish to join a study group, contact the group leader and they will discuss it with you and arrange for you to attend one of the classes.