Additional Training

At Basingstoke Ju Jutsu Club, whilst we predominantly teach Mizu Ryu Ju Jutsu, we also teach other aspects of Martial Arts in the classes

Please check each page through the subject links for information and feel free to contact us to join, or come and try a FREE introductory class.

For more information on Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu please see the website here or go to the Contact Us page for our email contact or online enquiry form.

Kōryū – old school Japanese Martial Arts of the Samurai era. They are both very important parts of the history of Japanese Martial Arts and of the country itself and are steeped in the kind of traditional discipline that the Samurai became renowned for over the centuries.

Kenkyūkai as a closed study group, are not open, public self defence classes, but rather groups wishing to dedicate time to serious study in the Samurai arts. They do not offer belt gradings, being Kōryū, there are no ‘belts’ to speak of anyway, but these groups exist to ensure the arts stay alive and to help improve the techniques and knowledge of these arts amongst both established and novice Martial Artists. This is enhanced by and with express permission, of regular tuition under the most senior practitioners available in the World. If you wish to join a study group, contact the group leader and they will discuss it with you and arrange for you to attend one of the classes.

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