About Us

Basingstoke Ju Jitsu Club was founded April 24th 1994. We have been teaching the Japanese style of Ju Jutsu which centres on Self Defence as well as many other aspects since then and have been critically acclaimed by those at the top of Martial Arts, all over the UK.

Jū Jutsu (the art of flexible response) is one of Japan’s oldest Martial Arts and is a mixture of the techniques you would today see in Karate, Judo and Aikido. It is well suited to children as well as adults young and old, both male and female. As a Martial Art, not just sport, Mizu Ryu Ju Jutsu, has much more to teach than just self defence. Due to experience and expert guidance, it has proved it’s worth as a practical self defence for children and adults year after year since its foundation in 1994.

Teaching a well proven system of self defence for both children and adults alike, we cover the full range of techniques normally included in Traditional Japanese Ju Jutsu from strikes to throws, submissions (not children), Pressure Points, ground fighting and some traditional weaponry. We also train our students in meditative and healing techniques as well as discussions of morals and ethics, raising issues and training on anti-bullying and inclusion as well as other philosophical aspects, as it’s important to train the whole individual, not just make them a better fighter. Having trained for over 40 years and been in the unfortunate position of having to actually use the physical skills for real over many years in the Security & Bodyguarding Industries, our Chief Instructor and founder has proven that the techniques work and passes on that experience to the rest of us along with the responsible attitude to know when to and when not to use it.

Our SD3 initiative ensures we provide the children we teach with more than just a good self defence system, giving them useful lessons to develop and use outside the dojo as well as within it. We are fully insured, CRB/DBS registered, are approved members of MASA the Martial Arts Standards Agency and our Chief Instructor is a 2 x Martial Arts Hall of Fame Winner and was the winner of a prestigious award at The British Martial Arts Awards 2016 in Telford.

We are a small club and we are selective, but our ethics and standards are highly thought of on both a National and International level. As such, we have been Nationally awarded, written about in books and magazines and continue to be invited to teach Mizu Ryu all over the UK, giving us professional connections in many areas. Our reach is long and wide. We also continue to spread awareness about inclusion on things such as those with physical challenges and Autism to name but two. As such, we are directly involved in groups such as Adaptive Martial Arts UK & Ireland and have affiliate status within the Fighting for Autism campaign. We provide 1-2-1 tuition for autistic children if necessary and work towards including them in the group at the right speed and time for them.


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