Autism Awareness


Accept difference, not indifference.

Promote inclusion, not exclusion.

A word from Tony Bailey

Having researched more about people with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) & Asperger’s, and having worked for many years with people with varying disabilities, I set about trying to help in a more specific way as I believed that Martial Arts provides a way of not only inclusion by welcoming them into a friendly environment, but more specifically helping through:

  • The natural repetitive practice of Martial Arts
  • Flexible approach of Martial Arts tuition to vary the speed and content of the way in which information is delivered to the individual
  • The provision of a physical exercise with a quantifiable improvement reward structure, through the tag and belt grade system for goal setting / achieving.
  • The need for simple and realistic self defence training due to the unfortunate bullying that many autists suffer both within and without the school environment from other ‘neuro-typical’ children and even sometimes teaching staff themselves who totally miss-read the behavioural differences of someone on the autistic spectrum. 
  • Meditative practice coupled with discussion of self defence and self control.
  • To use the medium and mass appeal of Martial Arts to spread correct information to more people about Autism and Asperger’s and help to dispel the myths. as well as promote inclusion not just for them but for people with disabilities of different types as I believe everyone should be given the chance to be included,

I have worked with people with physical disabilities and those on the spectrum, for quite a few years and can quite honestly say that has enabled me to meet some of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met. Looking deeper into it, I found there were some fantastic people behind the campaign Fighting for Autism who were already raising awareness in Australia. This has gained such popularity that in a short time, it has now become a worldwide campaign, backed by Coaches and Fighters alike from amateur to full-on UFC professionals. 

I was honoured to be given Coach Ambassador status and the Club Affiliate status in the Fighting for Autism campaign and I have worked closely with the Adaptive Martial Arts UK & Ireland group who cater for Martial Artists with a wide variety of disabilities and the very important training of fully able bodied Instructors to promote better understanding and inclusion throughout the industry. I am fortunate enough to be amoungst some very worthy and amazing individuals, all with the same goals.



Fighting for Autism                    Adaptive Martial Arts                   National Autistic Society

Please check out the pages for more information or find them on Facebook and don’t hesitate to contact us if you or your child wishes to take part in training. If you’re not sure, we will arrange a meeting to discuss needs and expectations and work 1-2-1 with autists or people with disabilities to start with, whilst maintaining a medium to long term goal of full inclusion into a mixed class. If you are not local to us, no problem. Please still get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with an approved instructor / club nearer your area.