Seminar for Jack Bristow

Jack Bristow

This Multi Martial Art Seminar will be held at Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy, Basingstoke, with the intention to offer support to the Warrior known as Jack Bristow, who most of you will have heard of is currently being treated for Cancer. Please see the Support for Jack Bristow page on Facebook for more details and join if you have not already done so. We will share knowledge between Martial Artists in the same vein as the Warriors Assemble event that took place in Coventry to support Anthony Pillage who is currently waging his own battle and like Jack, is a true Warrior. The help offered already to support Jack in this event has been so overwhelming, that I’ve had to extend the event into a 2 day event to cope with the demand.Day 1 – Saturday 25th April is from 11am – 4.30pm and whilst it can be open to adults, is actually centered on children’s Martial Arts.Day 2 – Sunday 26th April is from 11am – 5pm and is the main adult seminar, so due to content and space, no junior places.

We have some top level Instructors teaching on this event, including:-

Renshi Anthony Pillage (Coventry) – Pressure Point magician and fellow Cancer Warrior.

Soke Brian Dossett (Surrey) – Head of Spirit Combat Aikijujitsu & Martial Arts All Styles.

Senseis Len Dunce & Paul Hamilton (Basingstoke) – Summit Judo Club.

Rocci Williams (Basingstoke) – MMA / Cage Fighter & Head Coach of Shoot Box Juniors.

Bryan Andrews (Basingstoke) – 5th Dan Karate Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy.

Peter Holmes (Peterborough) – Pressure Point Expert, Police & Military Tactics Advisor.

Lucci Del-Gaudio (Nottingham) – Street Ju Jitsu / Combat Ju Jitsu.
Anthony Masters (Southend-on-Sea) – Tenjin Shinyo Ryu Ju Jutsu.
Mick Tully (Coventry) – Complete Self Protection
Clare Brown (Basingstoke) – Team GB Judo Squad.
Tony Bailey (Basingstoke) – Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu.
Roberto Meneguetti Almeida (Brazil) – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Ron Peploe (Basingstoke) – WAKO European Kickboxing Champion 2014
Lindsey Andrews (Basingstoke) 2 x World Karate Champion 2013 & 2014

You can see from this line up, we are already talking about a serious amount of talent here. This is an event not to be missed. Come and learn from these people who are the best of the best and support Jack, his family and a great cause all at the same time.

To be clear, the Instructors and venue are giving their time and services FREE of charge so we can use the funds to support the Piam Brown Children’s ward and Jacks family. Seminar fees are set at a VERY reasonable £25 for the Junior day and £35 for the Senior day. All attendees receive a special edition Instructors Profile booklet with info on each Instructor to mark the occasion. We hope that Jack can come along and be present through the event as there are a lot of people who want to meet him.

Please invite others and let them know about the event.

We can take cash donations only on the day, so if using a card, please ensure you pay beforehand via the charity’s giving page:-

If you pay online through the giving page, it goes directly to the charity without charges.
Please add ‘Basingstoke Seminar’ to the online donation message with your name so we know you have paid for your place and we can see how much has been raised.