Open Lecture on Jack the Ripper Case

 Saturday 14th March 2015


10.30am Basingstoke Masonic Centre, Victoria Street. Basingstoke.

For those that have an interest in investigative journalism, crime and other historic cases, instead of watching it on the T.V. come and hear first hand all about one of the most gruesome and baffling Police cases in history; Jack the Ripper.

This talk is by a personal friend of mine who is a former forensics expert for Scotland Yard. Learn about the background to what happened, when, who was implicated, the evidence at the time and the most up to date evidence, including the most recent discoveries backed up by 21st Century DNA testing. Will the identity of Jack the Ripper now be solved once and for all? Come along and find out.

There is no entrance fee for this talk. The lecturer is going without payment and not even asking for his travel expenses, he only asks that everyone makes some donation on the day to be collected and given to The Teenage Cancer Trust Charity.

Let me know asap if you want a place as I have to know numbers of people attending. We have 8 from the club who have already put their names down, but please remember, this is open to all, even your friends outside of the club. Due to the nature of the subject though, it is not suitable for children. Let us know at the club or email if you’re interested and I’ll make sure you have full details.