Warriors Assemble Charity Seminar


warriors assemble

28th Feb – 1st March @ The Way of The Spiritual Warrior, Coventry.

Charity Multi Art Seminar with more of the UK’s Best Instructors than SENI in support of Way of The Spiritual Warrior, the great Man himself, Mr Anthony Pillage and the fabulous Macmillan Cancer Support Nurses. BOOK NOW! Just look at the list of Instructors –

Kwoklyn Big-Wan
Lucci Del-Gaudio
Eddie Quinn
Scott ‘Millzy’ Mills
Tong Liu
Dave Gentry
Alex Reid
Tony Bailey
Mo Teague
Trevor Robertson
Peter Holmes
Bob Sykes
Sifu Peter Wing Chung
Carl cooper
Andrew Banks
Kevin Mills
Mikey Wright
Phil Norman
Rich Green
John Burke
Gavin Mulholland
Bob Breen
Dave Giddings
…… + More, including smaller, 4 person Private seminars with these stars of UK Martial Arts.

There will also be auctions of memorabilia, DVD’s training gear etc and many photo opportunities throughout the weekend.

As an added bonus, Sensei Gavin Mulholland’s band ‘The Watchsnatchers’ will be playing there Saturday evening as well.

This has fast become THE Martial Arts Event of the year and it’s not even happened yet.

Our very own Sensei Tony will be teaching on Saturday 28th and staying over to enjoy the band and the rest of the seminar.

Phone the office to book a place now as they are seriously limited.

Tel:- 02476 331239