Recent Grade Promotions

We had a few grades taken just before the Christmas & New Year break so here’s an update taking into account those most recent promotions:

Stephen Dyer, Shodan.


Steve has been training with us for over 13 1/2 years and took and passed his Shodan grading just before the end of year break, completing it in a very impressive 6 1/2 hours instead of the normal 8 hours to make him the latest Mizu Ryu Black Belt – a small and exclusive group of Martial Artists who represent us so well in both their technical knowledge and their attitude. Well done to Steve who can’t rest on his laurels now – he’s already started learning the higher aspects of Kyusho Jutsu (Pressure Points) that are taught as a side line adjunct to our syllabus in order to more fully understand the technical aspects within the syllabus Kihons and other techniques.

Junior Tag Grades

The following received tags taking them further towards their next grades in recognition of the improvements they have made in their training:

Miya – Blue 1

Samantha – Brown 1

Leonie – Orange 2

Aaliyah – Orange 1

Kristina – Orange 2

Tia – Orange 2

Coby – Orange 1

Tristan – White 2

Tommy – White 2

Leia – White 1

Well done to all and we look forward to being able to promote others in the class soon and helping you all towards your next belt grade.

Junior Meditation


Level 1-4 = 1 minute.  Level 5 = 2mins.  Level 6 = 3mins.  Level 7 = 4mins.  Level 8 = 5mins.  Level 9 = 6mins.  Level 10 = 10mins.

The following were recently tested within their Mokuso – meditation practice and have reached the stated level:

Miya – Level 7

Samantha – Level 7

Leonie – Level 7

Aaliyah – Level 7

Kristina – Level 7

Tia – Level 7

Coby – Level 7

Tristan – Level 5

Tommy – Level 5

Leia – Level 5

The standard of those that tested most recently was very high, so well done to al that passed. Keep up the practice and keep adding to your weekly record books at home.

Others needing to be tested soon are already on the following levels indicated:

Sofia – Level 5

Sean – Level 5

Roman – Level 5

Daniel – Level 5

Georgina – Level 5

Mason – Level 4

Well done to all who have been promoted recently and I look forward to promoting more of you in the next few weeks