20 Year celebrations

Saturday April 26th, saw the celebrations for 20 years of Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu and The Basingstoke Ju Jitsu Club.

The official date of foundation is 24th April 1994, but a special seminar and awards dinner was held on the Saturday to include many current students as well as some from the past and other Martial Arts friends made along the journey.

The day took the format of a seminar in the morning for the junior members and their parents, all in street clothes, learning our affectionately named ‘ Hoodjutsu’ and ‘Umbrellado’ then onto the afternoon with Sensei teaching in conjunction with long time friend Anthony Pillage of Coventry’s Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts Club, covering a seminar for seniors on Pressure points utilising the Chinese meridian system and single and multiple points within Ju Jitsu techniques.

In the evening a special 5 course meal was had and awards were presented as well as recent grade certificates and a special Kanji drawn by the Master Calligrapher – Eri Takase was presented to Sensei, marking this special 20 year celebration. The kanji is the Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu name next to its founding principle:

Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu

Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu

‘Water adapts to its vessel, as should we to each attacking opponent and every problem we encounter in life’

There was live music, some of which was played by Sensei as a former professional Classical and Flamenco Concert guitarist and the evening ended with a trip into town for many, sampling the nightlife, before retiring on a late night. A great time was had by all and a full report with pictures will be uploaded in due course.


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