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Here at Basingstoke Ju Jutsu Club, we teach Mizu Ryu Ju Jutsu, a modern form of Japanese Ju Jutsu for both children and adults (both Male & Female) as well as Combat Ju Jitsu, MMA, Weapons and Reiki. We have been teaching Ju Jutsu in Basingstoke for the last 22 years and always welcome new members or beginners. Our children’s class teaches self defence, self discipline and self development in a fun, safe environment.
Containing all the elements of Karate, Judo and Aikido, Ju Jutsu is a great self defence system with 2,000 years of history, not just a modern competition sport. For more information, please check the pages above and Contact us for a FREE trial class.
  • Self Defence, Self Discipline and Self Development
  • A safe environment for the victims of bullying
  • Exercise, make new friends and build confidence
  • Our Chief Instructor is an Ambassador for Fighting for Autism
  • We are a Martial Arts Guardian Magazine approved club

Martial Arts Vs BullyingFighting for Autism